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Deloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world's most admired brands, including 80 percent of the Fortune 500.

Partner Alliances

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MDMC creates innovative ways to engage your targeted audience, brand and market your company, and sell your products and services. By delivering value year-round, we support our alliances in their individual endeavors. We achieve this by utilizing the following mediums:

Want to Become an Alliance?

Have articles and resources that need publication or additional exposure?

Our CONVERGE blog assists over 5,000 hospitality and travel risk management professionals each month, featuring industry news, analyses, and solutions. Because of the versatile format, we accept submissions ranging from short blog posts to white papers; any items from your team that are published will be done so with a full author’s profile and firm branding.

We also feature some of our CONVERGE material in our Weekly Brief e-newsletter. The WB is distributed to 40,000+ professionals in the hospitality and restaurant industry, both domestic and international, as well as 27,000+ professionals in the travel risk management industry, and our weekly open rate ranges from 10-15%.

Looking for a smart place to publish an ad?

In addition to publishing opportunities, we also offer our alliances a wide range of ad placement opportunities across all of our platforms, at no additional cost. Our combined traffic over four separate websites yielded over 32,000 visitors in the last quarter.

Caught the social media bug?

With a Twitter account of over 25,000 followers, a popular Facebook page, and the instrumental groups Global Travel Coalition and Hospitality Legal, Risk, Safety, and Security Coalition on LinkedIn we offer our alliances the opportunity to involve their expertise and brand in this extensive social network. We work with our alliances to create a campaign based on delivering tangible value to their potential clients, rather than simply advertising your firm to the masses.

Need to be listed where clients will find you?

We operate several popular online directories, including our comprehensive Find-A-Lawyer and Find-A-Law Firm directories. These directories are designed to effectively match our alliances with their ideal clients. We offer a variety of listing options, all inclusive to our alliances.

View our HLC Alliance Opportunities
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