The HLC Series 2.0 – San Diego 2019

From development deals to management agreements, from food and beverage liability to labor and employment, and from claims management to anti-trust issues, the latest cases, trends and challenges in compliance, data protection, finance, law, risk, safety, and security are up for exploration at The Hospitality Law Conference: Series 2.0.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Hospitality Law Conference: Series 2.0 - Washington D.C. please email Taylor Woljevach at for more information.
As a sponsor of The Hospitality Law Conference: Series 2.0 - Washington D.C. you will receive: •Your own dedicated table of eight people; which includes 6 clients and 2 staff •A speaking opportunity with subject matter exclusivitiy which includes an 8 minute Ted Talk Style Presentation as well as hosting a Deeper Dive Roundtable on your subject •The opportunity to distribute collateral material onsite •Your company Logo will be included on the registration web site, HTML email blasts to promote attendance and on-site signage •A company profile, linked to a web address of your choice, will be located in The Hospitality Law Conference Event App •You will have access to multiple publication opportunities through’s platforms including: CONVERGE Blog, newsletters and partner publications •You will receive a banner ad placements in The Hospitality Law Conference Event App •You will be able to participate in's Social Media Campaign •Your company logo and bio will be featured at least once during the alliance year in’s Weekly Spotlight
Unfortunately this is an invite-only event. You may only register as a complimentary guest of a sponsor.
If you are corporate counsel, you can email our Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor Woljevach, to express your interest in attending the conference as a sponsor guest. She can put you in touch with a potential sponsor.
You can, and it is encouraged! You can sponsor any combination of our 3 events; San Diego, Houston and Washington D.C. Email Taylor Woljevach at to discuss joint-sponsorships.
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