David Rockman

David Rockman

Member Chair, Environmental Practice Group / Eckert Seamans

David Rockman helps clients manage environmental compliance and environmental risks. He helps clients understand and meet their legal obligations with respect to federal, state, and local environmental laws, regulations, and permits. David also defends clients facing enforcement actions, represents clients involved in environmental litigation, and provides representation with respect to environmental issues in the purchase and sale of businesses and property.

David has experience with all of the major environmental programs governing air, water, waste, and land issues, across a broad spectrum of industries and activities. Environmental compliance requires attention to the broad range of statutory and regulatory requirements, as well negotiation of appropriate permit requirements, and accounting for government guidance and policies. Managing compliance risks involves strategic attention to government agency inspections, information requests, and violation notices. Even the best intentioned and managed companies can find themselves the target of government enforcement or citizen suit litigation. Such situations require an unflinching assessment of the validity of the charges, an evaluation of available defenses, and a strategy that balances litigation, liability, and penalty risks.

David believes that an effective environmental compliance approach requires not only interaction with external elements such as government agencies and the public, but also with internal stakeholders at both the management and operational levels to help ensure understanding and appreciation of environmental obligations, opportunities, and consequences. He routinely helps clients manage these issues.

Environmental concerns must also be managed in the purchase and sale of properties and businesses. Strategic due diligence, with the context of the deal, is necessary for both buyers and sellers. David has experience advising both small and large businesses in the transactional context. Environmental legal issues often have significant scientific and technical components. David is experienced in retaining and working with environmental engineering consultants, expert witnesses, and auditors, in order to provide the best guidance to clients on the range of issues that they face.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania