Tom Winn

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    Interim Director MSM
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    University of Houston - Downtown
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    Houston, Texas
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    One Main Street Houston, TX 77002
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Tom Winn is currently the Program Director of the Master of Security Management program at UHD. In addition to his administrative duties he teaches several courses in the MSM. Tom has over 25 years of experience in corporate and international travel security and training. Before coming to UHD full time Tom spent 10+ years at what is now United Healthcare Global, Security Services Intelligence and Operations. While at what was then, ASI Group, he held several leadership roles managing intelligence, security operations, consulting and global provider network. He managed the combined Intelligence, Operations and Traveler Tracking team for 6+ years.

At that time Tom was an industry advisor to the original Security Management program at UHD and was part of the industry group that participated in creating the current Master of Security Management degree.

Tom started his security career at Destec Energy Inc., a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company. After his time at Destec Energy Tom taught criminal justice at the Guthrie Center in Spring Branch ISD. He holds a Master of Security Management from UHD and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Stephen F. Austin State University.